Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Well I finished another cross-stitch. The is called "The Embroiderer". So now I'm going to try and finish this large sampler that I started several years ago. I hope to actually finish it this time.

My Rotating Project List is working. I've got 4 areas that I'm working on and hope to add more. One is hobbies and specifically UFO (unfinished objects), Reading or study is the next. I'm trying to get all these books from the library read. I just got "Below Stairs" by Margaret Powell today. I'm anxious to read this one but I'm currently reading Surprised By Oxford, which I'm loving. Another area is health and specifically gluten and grain free baking. Lastly home focused on deep cleaning projects. I want to add a couple of more areas, but am waiting for inspiration to hit. I think garden might be one as we get into spring.


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