Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chocolate Scones Gluten and Grain Free

Here is the original recipe Chocolate Ginger Scones.

I made a few changes. I didn't want to use the ginger so I added chocolate chunks and pine nuts instead. I think walnuts would have been better. I also made some other changes because of my sensitive tummy. I use stevia as a sweetener so I used all stevia and left out the erythritol which can give you tummy troubles. I also used grape seed oil instead of coconut oil for the same reason. I just have to be very careful right now and I know what things can bother me. The other change is I use almond milk instead of heavy cream. I left off the glaze because I didn't think it needed it. These were easy and pretty good, but they did dry out after a couple of days, so best eaten the first day or two. I wanted to show you how you can substitute different sweeteners, fats and milks. You could use regular sugar and butter instead of coconut oil. The only thing you can't change is the almond flour unless you change it for another nut flour.

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