Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Oxford Chronicles

I wanted to tell you about this wonderful book. It is the first book in The Oxford Chronicles. I'm loving this book. It is a love story and is during WW11 in Britain. I seem to be reading a lot about the war in Britain lately. It is my favorite time period in history. I wanted to read this series when I saw the word Oxford. I love C.S.Lewis and just read The Chronicle of Narnia last year. One of the characters is being tutored by him and Annie his sister goes to live in the Lewis household along with some other refugees when the bombing starts in London. I didn't realize he had a 9 acre farm with a lake. So I'm just loving reading about her interactions with the household. C.S. Lewis's brother is there and the two of them are lots of fun. I have to thank Coffee Tea Books and Me for recommending it. She wrote a wonderful post about it Oxford here.
I seem to be writing a lot lately, but don't worry it probably won't last.

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