Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Carb Creep

There is a thing called carb creep when you gradually start to add carbs to your low carb diet. The low carb letter I get from about.com's low carb lady talked about it today and they help you go through your
 pantry, frig and freezer with lists of what is ok and what isn't. I was already starting to do this with my freezer. I knew I had beans in there and some sweet potato fries. I keep getting stricter on my diet so sometimes I have things I was eating but I'm not eating them now. I also have a few things I keep for other people to eat, but I keep those in my pantry outside of the kitchen.

There are also lists on how many carbs are in different fruits and vegs. I found out that sweet potatoes and yams are a lot higher than I though and that artichokes are lower than I thought. So it always good to check these things out. This is another way you can get carb creep by fooling yourself into thinking something is ok or guessing that a food is low carb without checking it out.

I'm also throwing out those things that have been sitting in my freezer and now have frost inside the packages. I'm go glad I got a Food Saver. It really keeps things longer. I want my freezers to be more organized and easy to find things in so I want to declutter them as well. If I haven't use it in the last year I'm not going to and it's really not good anymore.

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