Monday, March 19, 2012

Vegetables-Dark Green Leafy

I'm challenging myself this week to make a couple of dark green leafy vegetables. I make chard and kale once in awhile but I don't really like it so I want to find some recipes that might help.

First I found a Swiss Chard Frittata it's in that Primal Blueprint Cookbook that I've been using. It's very simple you just saute in oil some onion finely chopped and then add your chard also finely chopped and cook for about 5 mins. Than pour the beaten eggs over, for 1 bunch of chard he uses 8 eggs. You let it cook until it starts to set than you finish it off by either covering it or throwing it in a 375 over or under the broiler. Optional ingredients are grated cheese, diced peppers or sausages. I'm thinking of using linguica.

Speaking of linquica, it's a Portuguese sausage. I had a Portuguese grandmother and she used a lot of dark greens so I decided to look up some Portuguese recipes and found a soup Caldo Verde or Green Soup and it has the linguica in it. It also has potato which I can't eat.

The other recipe I'm going to try is Baked Kale Chips-You take a bunch of kale and take off the hard stem. Mix it with 1 tabs. of olive oil and 1 teas. of seasoned salt and bake at 350 for 10-15 mins. This recipe is from

I found that most of the recipes had either potatoes like Irish Colcannon, beans or cheese. So I'm thinking about what I could substitute for these ingredients. My dd loves dark green leafy stuff and her favorite way of cooking it is just sauted in olive oil with garlic. That is what I have always done so I wanted to try something different. She has a meatball soup that I might try also.

Here is a kale blog.

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