Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Transylvanian Stockpot

It is snowing, but not sticking. I understand they are having record heat back east. We always get the opposite of what they are getting on the east coast.                                                                    

I made this recipe and it was very good. I thought I would like it because I like that combination of cabbage and tomato. I've always loved stuffed cabbage.

I would like to give you the recipe but it is from a cookbook as I mentioned before Primal Blueprint. I decided to do a search on it and found it on another blog so here it is Transylvania Stockpot
The author of this cookbook has a blog Mark's Daily Apple

I changed the recipe by leaving out the cinnamon and the raisins. Just my personal taste. I'm sure they are good if you like them.

A note to anyone doing dairy free this recipe is garnished with sour cream. I used Tofutti Milk Free Better Than Sour Cream. It's made from soy. It worked really well and tasted good. My groc. store is starting to get more dairy free items.

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