Friday, April 27, 2012

Container Garden

I've been going to the farmer's mkt. for the last few weeks, mainly to get eggs and starts. So I have a few things to start my container garden. Now that I'm using those dark leafy green I will actually use the ones I grow this year. I have kale and arugula starts. The last two years have been terrible for veggies, I hope this year is better. My dd and I are looking for places we can get good eggs and organic produce that we can afford. The farmers mkt can get expensive but produce is beautiful. I'm eating less meat like a lot of people and so I want to learn to like a greater variety of veggies. I also got some herbs, basil and an apple mint. I'm enjoying using fresh herbs in my baking and I think the apple mint will be good for tea, but also a cookie or scone. Since I took this photo I actually got those starts potted. I'm running out of room already.

I've been sprucing up my front porch a bit. I got new cushions at Walmart and because plants get no direct light on this porch I thought I'd try a fuchsia. I really would like to buy new furniture for my porch but this is my frugal choice for adding a little color. That bench could use a couple of pillows too 

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