Thursday, April 5, 2012


I've been cleaning out my freezers and extra frig. When I'm done I will start on my pantry

. I just reread Brenda's pantry posts. She has a lot to say about pantries and stocking up. Well I'm not really doing much stocking up now but she talks about that too.

 I decided to make standard shopping lists for the different stores I shop at with the idea that they will jog my memory of what I like to buy at that store. I shop at about 5 different stores, not every week, but on and off.

So I want to think about this as I go through my pantries. I have a new way of eating no dairy and no gluten so I will also be checking for offenders, gluten likes to hide itself.

I did a search on pantry organization and came up. They have a whole list of steps to get it organized and keep it that way.

I started a new homemaking list on my side bar and so far I have Brenda's Coffee Tea Books and Me, Manuela's A Cultivated Nest and Kitchen Stewardship. Manuela has a beautiful home and garden and lots of ideas. Kitchen Stewardship has these wonderful lists of baby stepping your way to living green. Brenda's pantry posts are listed on her side bar.

 I just added another about clutter control. I guess I'm getting into an organizational mood. I wanted to add a cooking blog or two and looked around and decided on Comfy Belly  . It is one that I have gone over and over for healthy alternative flour recipes.  The Rogue Cookie is another that is good for low carb, Paleo, allergies. Here is another one Small Notebook I like some of her categories housekeeping, organizing and so on. I decided to add some sewing blogs too, that is part of homemaking and Purl Bee is very inspiring, my favorite crochet blog is Attic 24. I may change these and will probably add to the list as time goes on.

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