Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kale and Avocado Smoothie and Today's Tea

I found this smoothie recipe from Veggie Nook here. I didn't have all the ingredients so I used what I had but I liked the fact that it had avocado, kale and spinach in it. I used frozen raspberries, stevia and coconut milk. I left out the hemp oil and the protein powder. Hers was a prettier color than mine but it tasted delicious, even my gd liked it. The avocado and banana gave it a lot of body. yum. I'll admit it didn't put a lot of kale in it. I figure next time I can use a bit more.

I wanted to get myself some herbal tea at the grocery today. Stash was on sale so I tried this one. It is pretty good. I like fruit flavored teas. Herbal teas seem to be getting better. I use to hate them.

I also wanted to get some of The Republic of Tea's daily green tea. This one of my favorite flavors. I was thinking it was a little expensive, but I realized that it has 50 tea bags as apposed to 20 in the Stash. So not so bad after all. I can enjoy it without guilt. My gd had a good idea, she says she adds a little herb to her green tea fresh mint would be nice or lemon balm or lemon verbena.

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