Thursday, May 10, 2012

Grain-free Pizza

Here is the link for the crust I used. It is actually a flat bread. I looked at several recipes and most of them were poured out and spread kind of like a pancake. This one forms a ball and you roll it out like the crackers. I thought it sounded better. I didn't use the rest of her recipe although I think it sounds good, but I wanted to do a fresh veggie topping. I did try some of the soy cheese (not good). After it was baked I topped it with arugula.

When I tasted it I realized that the things I chose to use (olive oil, mushroom, red onion and tomato) just weren't strong enough in flavor to compete with the flat bread and I didn't have enough stuff on it. So I added some salami and the fake cream cheese that I use and it was better. The flat bread itself was good and nice and crunchy. I think next time I will make 1/2 the recipe and roll it out even thinner. The sides are nice and thin but it gets a little thick in the center for me.


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