Friday, May 11, 2012

Ground Lamb Kofto Kebabs

Here is the link for the kebabs. This is Aarti's recipe on Food Network. I had several recipes I was looking at but decided to try this one. I made her Raita with the exception of I can't use Greek yogurt and so I use the soy fake sour cream and I added some lemon juice. I did the kebabs the same except I didn't do the glaze and I was using an indoor electric grill.

I didn't make her potatoes because I can't eat them, so I grilled sliced Japanese eggplant and baby zucchini that I got at Trader Joe's. Everything was delicious. You could use beef for this recipe. One of the other recipes I looked at used the Moroccan spices in the meat, that would be good to. This one has herbs in the meat.

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