Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Is It?

My career daughter and I got together on Saturday for a belated Mother's Day. She gave me this little house that she found in an antique store.

As you can see it is in 3 pieces. On the bottom it says fill 3/4 with hot water and only use tea light. So I filled the roof part with the water and put the candle in the bottom. I figured the water would turn to steam and make it look like smoke coming out of the chimney. My dd thought maybe you added essential oils to the water and used it to scent your house. The problem is the candle won't stay lite. The bottom has holes in it but I'm thinking maybe there aren't enough of them. Any ideas? Have any of you seen one of these before?

We had a lovely day at the beach. It actually hit 70 that day and I got a little bit of a sunburn.


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