Monday, June 4, 2012

Bees What Is Happening To Them

I watched this documentary with my dd yesterday. I had no idea what was happening to the bee population or how important it is. There are bee keepers that have thousands of bees that they keep in hives to send to farms to pollinate their crops. I was unaware of this practice. I just thought there were bees in nature everywhere. These bee keepers are having what they call colony collapse. The bees are disappearing and leaving the hives basically empty, but they are not finding dead bees. So the film talks about what they think is going on and how it could impact our food supply.

This has happened all over the world. The one thing they talked about at the end of the film that we could do is plant a garden of flowers so that the bees in our area have lots of healthy food, so don't use pesticides.


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